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Bucky barnes isn’t a villain you piece of shits

#bless this post #i want to punch everyone in the tags #going on and on about how they love villains and how hot Bucky is so they must now have a thing for bad guys #DID YOU NOT WATCH THE FUCKING MOVIE OR ARE YOU JUST STUPID #flips table 

If you call Bucky a villain…I’m not going to call you an ass, but he will.image

and there you go, guys. Steve Rogers’ word is law.

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nightcall | a cyberpunk / 80’s winter soldier fanmix | listen

Q: Did you have any rituals while putting on the costume, that helped you get into character? Sebastian Stan: “I played a lot of sound tracks from different movies. Also Daft Punk was huge for me and David Bowie and The Terminator soundtrack, believe it or not. I love music. You know, I’ve always wanted to do an ’80’s movie! I love that music!” (x)

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"In 2016, would you prefer to be called Madame President or Mrs. President?"

6-year-old child, addressing Hillary Clinton (via usnews)

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"hot damn bucky barnes"

literally everyone (via katee-)

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The only way I’m accepting this whole Agent Grayson thing is if they make him the Burt Macklin of the DCU.


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ensure to gently pat dry your noodle after washing

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Rhinoceros beetle hitching a ride in Costa Rica. These harmless beetles reach the size of 6.75 inches (170 mm) in length

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dont ask me why im crying if you see me tearing up because there is a 350% guarantee that i will actually start crying really really hard

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when you’re anxious about stuff but you can’t talk about it with anyone bc it’s awkwardly personal


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if you don’t watch @midnight you’re really missing out

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